Dear Warren Buffett…Asshole

Warren is rubbing our faces in HIS wealth with this op-ed in the NY Times.

Why is Warren America’s nephew? Who did his mother sleep with in Washington?

While I can’t argue with Warren’s numbers and like Facebook he seems unstoppable, there was a time not that long ago that he was washed up. There was a time, that he had no pull with the US government. It was 1998.

I am not friends with Warren, I am friends with Barry who can’t afford the same coverage in the NY Times, but writes better. Barry is Joe the plumber of finance :) , but Joe the Plumber is not cool anymore. Joe is out of style. I don’t want Joe in charge either (no offense Barry).

Warren has got an edge and that edge is information and relationships. He put in the time. In the United States that generally leads to wealth.


You get fined 15 yards for dancing in the endzone and right now Warren has got his Sharpie out signing $1,000 bills and throwing them into an endzone full of insiders and government officials.

I am a fan of the game, but right now he’s an Asshole.


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  2. woolybear1 says:

    as long a uncle Warren makes sure the common folk have their coke, chips and big screens he can act like a rapist

  3. RacerRick says:

    He’s a total asshat. Thanks for calling him out.

    He gives a ton of his money away then tells us all we should pay more taxes.

    He set his kids up with BRKA stock and then supports death taxes.

  4. BarryR says:

    What a coincidence — a fawning editorial, and the very same day he gets the Presidential Medal of Freeedom.

    (But Joe the Plumber? A campaign prop who turned out to be a stooge . . . ? Howard, if you are going to compare me to an asshole — and I understand why on occasion you might want to do that — at least find someone who has SOME redeeeming qualities ! )

  5. Ataraxia101 says:

    you got to be kidding me Howard. Warren cares for money and hence he thanks Uncle Sam for saving his money? That is so out of line man…..

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  7. Chris Perruna says:

    Love this post Howard – he has been a real ASS since getting bailed out of his derivative losses (what he once called: weapons of financial mass destruction). He still got caught up in them.

  8. Chris Perruna says:

    Love this post Howard – he has been a real ASS since getting bailed out of his derivative losses (what he once called: weapons of financial mass destruction). He still got caught up in them.

  9. james says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Warren is a fantastic investor, a great business man and, until now, a PR phenom. This letter smacked of the arrogance he characteristically avoids. Not that he doesn’t deserve to indulge in a little hubris, and considering my bank account has but a few hundred dollars in it and his a few billion dollars, I probably shouldn’t be too quick to critisize or offer advice. But I will. Buffet, as a fan, you fucked up on this one. Lay low for a while.

  10. dave says:

    Warren is the class nerd who made it big & now wants approval from the Establishment. He can’t seem to stay away from CNBC (Becky Quick) or the op-ed pages.

  11. dhstudio says:

    I think Warren’s getting a little out of step these days, but I wouldn’t mind being in that endzone catching one of those $1000 bills, thankyouverymuch. Glad I sold my Berk.Bs, all the same.;)

  12. Anonymous says:

    To be able to dance in the endzone, one must be on “the team.” To be on the team, you must have a tryout or be drafted. To have a tryout or be drafted, you must have the skills and track record based on the position you play. To have the skills and track record, you must put the time in and have some good coaching.

    Warren has all the above – perhaps he has the bully pulpit now, but it wasn’t because he necessarily sought it out. The way he came back from his mishaps of the ’90’s showed some class. Very, very few individuals have built a holding company based on the successful acquisitions of plurality rights of stock, debt and buyouts. He’s put in the time and effort. Let him blow some kisses.

  13. Mitch DeLancy says:

    Agreed…there is no need for this. It is just a clever…”Nahnah nah naaaaaaa nah…told you so.”

    I would like a $1,000 bill signed by him…just saying.

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