Deep Market Thoughts – Global Markets not Cinderella Like…More Like 'Beauties and the Beasts!'

Can’t fight price action and Fedex opened on the lows and closed up on their warning. That’s pretty bullish for today. A break below today’s lows on fedex would be a small ‘Tell’ of future weakness.Combined with the new Crackberry and you had a great day. I even bought a little RIMM as a Twitted this morning.

If you can’t get excited about famine the financial shennanigans of the global banks as well as the Apple, Google, RIMM mobile war than adjust your Prozac levels. We live in exciting financial and technology times and the global markets are serving up meaty opportunities. Yes, I am short Dell and a few ETF’s (some stupidly and some deservedly), my long side keeps growing because price isa dictating the new positions. Today it was RIMM and BABY.

Other than the great weekly list I get from my friends at Blackstar (where I have an allocation), I get 99 percent of my ideas from my once a week look at Investors Business Daily . Unless you are a maniac, you don’t need the paid online version although I see from their newspaper that they are now doing all kinds of stock screens.

As Newspapers become less relevant, Investor’s Business Daily bucks the trend. It won’t manage your money for you and therefore like any idea(s) – it can be poison – but it is an opportunity engine.

I was at Borders this weekend and if you were to buy a Barron’s and a Wall Street Journal you would be out $7.50 and have NOTHING to show for it financially. It is a vicious circle of declined readership, declining advertising and reduced staffs.

If you invest $1.50 once a week in Investor’s Business Daily, you will receive a few hundred good ideas. More importantly, IF there are not a few hundred good ideas, you will know enough to not be buying stocks and saving hard earned investment dollars.

I am working on a simple daily video plan to summarize how I read it and narrow my list of ideas in an entertaining way…hence the video experimenting at my office.