Deep Market Thoughts…Death to CNBC

This bear market will likely put an end to some CNBC regulars.

When a new bull market emerges (there are hints of potential in Biotech land), it will have plenty of new names and plenty of new faces talking about the new names on CNBC.

In the meantime, the shitpile network is going to cost their last loyal watchers many bazillion trading dollars.

This bottom is going to take some time and much asset reallocation and while that happens we get massive volatility that will punish you UNNECESSARILY for having conviction.

The best time to have conviction is when you are working with big profits in a strongly trending market and even than, you must not forget to honor some rational stops.

Go walk your dog, go cut your toenails, trim your nosehair or better yet, turn off the TV and start a freaking business because you’re going to get fired from your cushy job.

This market is a mean biiitch and the gods are pissed at CNBC and their audience.

PS – This Don guy has it in for Mr. Cramer