Deep Market Thoughts…'Dust in The Wind'

I am Pebble Beach this week and as I remembered, it’s awesome.

The whole damn coast of California is awesome, save Los Angeles.

As for investing, The California coast reminds me that we are ust ‘Dust in the Wind‘ and it’s best for 99 percent of investors to consider that when allocating their hard earned money to the stock market.

Consider the the government has put into place short selling rules to stem the bleeding of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and that the stocks are still down 10-20 percent a few weeks later.

When the market is a steamtrain in one direction, you must be positioned in the overall direction. When it is down like this with random volatile up days (many over 300 points), you are going to be tossed around. I prefer to stay mostly on the sideline as I have since January.

The occassional long add and the occassional short and the occassional trade with a tight stop. Just enough to keep me fresh and keep a feel for the market, but not enough to ruin my work efforts and leisure efforts away from the market.

We are a long way from easy, non-volatile times right now so don’t get mad, just read less, go outside more and stand further away from the daily pries to get a better picture of where we are headed.