Deep market Thoughts…From NEW YORK…Post Facebook and Mucho Earning Reports

I feel smarter when I am here. Alive. Maybe because it’s more likely I will be shot, knifed or hit by a stray cab. In Phoenix, it’s a random wild pack of coyotes or renegade scorpion that could do me in…not likely.

It could be the protein from all the sashimi or carbs from the falaffel, but I am feeling it.

Today’s trading is dominated by Amazon, Merrill, Juniper, Trimble and Broadcom.

Many e-mails last night about the Trimble (TRMB) blow-up (?). Just a blip if you look at closing prices baby :) . GPS is just too white hot.

If you read this blog, other than WFR a chip company for the ‘solar bubble’, I could give a rat’s ass for this sector. Take a look at the crap SMH through this rally. DAWWWWG. I have wasted too much time watching it. broadcom delivered a monster death blow on the heels of Sandisks blow-up. Components are too tough to trade and own for long periods of time.

Financials…please. Other than Amex or Blackstone and Goldman on severe weakness, you can have them.

Amazon is a little different. I am not scared and added a few shares today in the mid 80’s as I outlined I would do yesterday after the close. Expensive for sure, but tech will go higher and this dip is buyable for me.

Juniper is a blow-up and I am still profitable and well above my entry.

I am interested/excited to see Interactive Broker’s numbers tomorrow. i think they will be giant, but who knows. CME (I am long) powered up to $650. Amazing.

I am positive/negative about the Facebook/Microsoft deal. I like that it keeps Google honest for now. I don’t trust Microsoft to get anything right and Zuckerberg is so freaking boring and way too drony for a 23 year old. Microsoft is now close to 5 year highs and if the stock reacts positively for a few weeks, I will be more convinced that this may be good. Off the cuff, my bullishness for Facebook has now ended. I like niche Social networks that add value to my life. That seems to be the trade now that everybody is all in on the social graph. The trend on the other hand could not be accelerating any faster than right NOW.

Hope you all had a great day.


  1. Eddie says:

    Today is the day Facebook showed their cards: going for the business crowd. Blackberry App, Microsoft investment, they started with only college students but everyday they are stepping into nerd and biz.

  2. Tim says:

    Should have paid attention to your 10/1 post on CME. Others in the group are acting well too – NDAQ, NYX, ICE. Long NDAQ.

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