Deep Market Thoughts…From the Beach

Lot’s of noise and volatility but other than Gold, Oil, IBKR and NEOG, breakouts remain thin.

If you are trading this market or even watching it, you better be good, getting paid for it, or you are addicted to losing.

Why punish yourself? Use the money that you are throwing away on commissions and losses to take a few days off somewhere fun and think.

The market will always be there.

Fired up for LindzonPalooza next week in Phoenix and Suns/Pistons Sunday for me and Max. Lot’s of good news is hitting my portfolio these days as well and I am feeling really lucky, priviledged and yoga’d to the max. My buddy Ian (He’s been on Wallstrip) is throwing one hell of a Cancun Yoga retreat and can’t wait for the next one.

Hope you all had a great week.