Deep Market Thoughts…Go Golf…I Am!

There are certain periods of the year where you just need to go out and enjoy life and walk away from the screens.

Now is one of them.

You have been and will continue to be churned. Sure, we have had a few great trades (FXP and SMN) the last month and new long entries on this blog (JNJ, CCC, EURX, YHOO, QCOM, IBB, WU, WERN etc) are doing ok if not great, but we are headed into a very interesting fourth quarter and you need to be fresh and flush with cash.

Global indices have been crashing, money managers are looking at NO Bonus pay so far in 2008 and inflation is at 17 year highs.

Most of the big gamers are travelling and at the beach until labor day. Don’t spin your wheels.

I am standing really far away the next two weeks to load up on some ideas for the fall.