Deep Market Thoughts…Watch Golf!

Lot’s of people asking me questions about the market…as if I know. As if anyone really can predict this stuff without looking stupid.

I am an optimist and that has helped me get out of bed and raise my kids, but I have said repeatedly that does not equate with me being a bull or bear.

My big lumps were taken in January and since than there have been few stock ideas on this blog. The occassional trade yes, but the general mantra has been do less. Nothing has changed. In fact, it is more imperative now than it was the last time.

We have Airlines imploding (I was on this back page news last Friday) and the PC industry is so dead right now . The most bullish thing I can say about the PC industry is that I am SHORT Dell :) !

As for the markets themselves…it’s the weak being slowly destroyed. If you are still owning financials, why are you readinb this blog. Sure, warren Buffet can be buying these stocks, but he has information flow and capital…we don’t.

I see no problems in the stocks I still own. I am not excited to add Apple at $146 when I was a partial seller at $140. Google was just $400 so it’s in no man’s land to me at $450. Hard assets are still fine, even if they are backed by the paper stocks, but that can’t last at the pace we are declining. What the hell is a gold stock worth to me or an oil stock for that matter once price trend is broken?