Deep Market Thoughts…We Need MORE Dreaming and LESS Stealing

Let’s be clear…You don’t SWING to a second quarter $11 (ELEVEN) BILLION loss.

That takes commitment. Deep [email protected]#cking team effort. You EARN IT.

We need way less stealing in corporate America and way more dreaming. You get dreaming with tax cuts and creativity for small business and stiff, swift punishment in for fraud. A few innocent white collars thrown in prison is not the end of the world if it means locking up the pricks in charrge of our financial futures of the last 10 years.

The dreaming I want now is in a prison system to house the criminals at AIG, Countrywide, Fannie etc…

To be fair/clear, common shareholders need to respect their money A LOT more and stop thinking of the stock market as their gambling money. You get what you pay for.

Investing is difficult.

BUT, the fraud and loose regulation we have let permeate is sickening.