Deep Market Thoughts…Yikes

Things are a little out of control right now.

I still believe in WINflation , but I also believe that inflation kills stocks in the end .


Oil – above $110

Natural gas – back above $10

Yuan – all-time highs

Gold – Cooking

Rice – creating riots

More importantly, News Corp, Microsoft and now AOL are running soooooo smoothly that they can go out and buy another smooothly operated company – Yahoo.

We live in the opposite of good right now. All the above companies need to be spinning off and splitting up, NOT mashing up. Good news for Apple and Google.

It’s comedy.

There are so many companies in trouble right now. I have to agree with The Fly on this post . Because I am not leveraged either way right now, I am not being emotional about it. Stick and move.

Disclosure- Long Canada, Gold, OIH, Apple and Google.