Deep 'OCTOBER' Thoughts

Golf on the brain people. See you Tuesday. I will be blogging with pictures and golf thoughts for the most part. Getting 50 buddies together in Oregon is not easy so should be respected and enjoyed which I plan on doing.

Lot’s of questions and concerns about the silliness of the recent stock moves. Google up $10 and Baidu $14 more. Why think? We are paid to manage money, not think. Forget the stock symbol or what they do. It’s a raging bull market and you buy strength, not Motorola or Sirius or some other beaten down tech stock. That won’t work. I have been partial selling into the silly up moves and chronicling it here. I have also been adding fresh all-time high breakouts, not beaten down stocks. That’s what I know how to do, not analyze fundamentals or reason.

EMC, CTXS, SYNA, NUAN…today Adobe, on and on….

I appreciate all the new readers and the questions, but can’t answer them all here or by email. I am trying. Seriously.

I am amazed at the 134 comments now on the Craigslist post from last week. The traffic is still stifling. You write and create all this original content for a few thousand readers and than copy/paste a Dear Abby type letter and get hundreds of thousands of readers for a few days. Here’s the lesson…listen to what people want.

Tech, Financial and political bloggers are dwarfed by the size of people on the internet looking for love. Can’t wait to launch the Dear Lindsay Wallstrip show….(ideas welcome)

Also, if you want your favorite stock Wallstripped , don’t just biiiitch on the site comments. Send me an email with a storyline and if it’s semi funny/smart/cool, the Wallstrip team will take a pass and give you the credit. Get involved, we love that.

Have an awesome rest of the week and if you need to trade and miss me, go with the second hottest hand right now . If you are like most people though and just want to get shellacked (talk about tempting a top :) ), go here and as Tim say’s himself…hope. – Note – You will be awesome at cocktail parties.