Deep 'Sunday' Market Thoughts…Worry, BUT Be Happy!

It will take me a while to get over the high of TechStars .

The energy in the city of Boulder, Colorado is relentlessly optimistic and positive. It’s downright UNamerican and anti media in a way.

While the ‘end of the world’ mantra continues to be piped through major media, you would be served best to cherish your profits from the short side for now. I continue to watch just one ‘TELL’ in the stock market and it’s the same one I mentioned and discussed a few weeks ago…Wells Fargo (if it stays above $24ish, the center should hold for the time being).

It’s been easy pickings for shortsellers, but as my friend Eric of Blackstar ‘pinged (reminded)’ me on Friday, you should be looking for survivors and thrivers rather than betting against the losers. The financial stocks that make it will print you money in the years ahead. As usual, find the asset gatherers, not the banks for the biggest of the big returns.

When people tell you ‘NOT TO WORRY’ it’s annoying. It’s not simple. I think a reasonable amount of worrying is healthy, but if you live in America and are mobile, you ‘MUST’ pursue happiness. If you don’t, you suck balls and should be deported.

But where?