Deep Thoughts – What Next? The Nifty 250?

Man there has been a huge response to our Crox show today. The stock is eating the shortsellers once again.

It’s a great stock to play a guessing game because this run could go on or the expectations could cause a blow-up. It’s an animal spirit at this point. Congrats to the holders.

As I suspected during the mini dump, metals look cooked as does oil. No bounce. Don’t know if this really is the end of the bull there or what that means but was stopped out of PAAS, MDG and some others. Metals are back to a tiny position for me.

I have now sold almost all of my buys from last week. Today I unloaded the rest of BIDU, SYNA and NVDA that I was buying into the mess. Huge gains and I will keep what I had going into it.

Tech and healthcare should and could lead us higher. I am unconvinced as the pickings are slim. The strong are superstrong and maybe we are in an age of the Nifty 250.

in the old days we were led by The Nifty 50 so in a global world that may now be a Nifty 250.