Deep Thoughts…If I were a Trader

I would be focused on the Financial – Like The Fly :

Closing Comments

Today’s reversal in the financials was severe and will beget more selling tomorrow. As for me, I managed to squeak out a 1% gain, via shorts, day trades and rebounding dogs.

As you know, “The Fly” spits at those fuckers who invented “quant funds.” Moreover, if given the chance, he’d (“The Fly”) make sure the manager’s of those funds had their eyebrows punched off.

As far as I’m concerned, the market cannot go higher, until the investment banks guide down their numbers and let you sheeple know how badly they fucked up.

Talking to people, I can tell you, without pause, the over leveraged hedge fund guy is going to need lots of viagra, going forward.

Today, I witnessed brutal reversals in the metals, financials and retail sectors. There was nominal strength in the trannies and big industrial names, but not much.

For the most part, I feel the quick money will be made in betting against the market. Meaning: sell into rallies, buy into dips.

Cracks me up people :) . How trading commentary on TV needs to be to get to the next level.

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