Definition of a BULL Market ….2010

This was some year.

Stocks are just going up.   If you are long and own 10 stocks I can’t imagine you did poorly.  If you did poorly and are long stocks, I can’t imagine you can be helped.  You are seriously unlucky and please don’t stand next to me in a lightning storm.

When we started Stocktwits in the fall of 2008, the world was coming to an end and Twitter had not yet gone mainstream.  Today, the S&P was up for the 14th time in 16 days and Twitter has a $4 billion valuation. 

2010 though is HISTORY.  All that matters is 2011 in my business.  That’s what makes it fun, scary and addictive.

I worry about 2011 because so many people are confusing a roaring bull market that I have often called ‘iconceivable’ with being smart.  Furthermore, many people are piling on shortsellers too when we should be embracing them and encouraging them as they help build real markets.

Finally, I worry because a lot of my profits are unbooked and on paper and some I just have no control over hitting the ‘sell’ button.

Money Managers should also be called ‘Worry’ Managers.


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  3. Anonymous says:

    “Money Managers should also be called ‘Worry’ Managers.”

    This quote was way more profound than you even know – Prof Meir Statman’s new book about behavioral finance explains that to some extent investment advisors are actually being paid to manage INVESTORS, not investments. The fees and commissions attached to the products are there to compensate for that, not for the products themselves.

    great post! – J to the B

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  8. taoshum says:

    I don’t have a clue about who is right or smart… will 2011 be up or down or sideways? I, for one, have decided that I’m gonna ride the tide, go with the flow and not fight the fed. For some crazy reason, even art is selling better than last year and if art is selling then folks are doing better… art is the first thing to stop and the last thing to go.

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  11. John Ware says:

    When I used to work for a living (prior to trading on my own), my bosses and boards of directors used to ask – no, demand – for forecasts of what my factories were going to make and ship the next year. Hell, some even told me to put together up to five year “plans.” Crazy stuff.

    I had my best year last year in no small part to not listening to, well anybody, really…having a view, having a plan, and having an executable strategy. As we all tend to do this time of year, I went back to see what worked for me, vis a vis helping me put together my view, plan and strategy; even though I didn’t “listen” to anyone, a good part of my focus was on Stocktwits – the ONLY place you can get a lot of noise in real time. That’s a compliment, by the way.

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