Deglobalization Is Not An Excuse for Slowing Global Expansion In The Cloud Era – A Panic With Friends With InCountry Founder Peter Yared

A few weeks back I had my friend Peter Yared, founder of InCountry, on ‘Panic With Friends’. We had an incredible conversation about technology, the clou and the future.

Peter has founded six enterprise software companies that were acquired by Sun, Citrix, VMware and Oracle. I met Peter when he was CTO of CBS Interactive where he brought CBS into the cloud.

Peter knows a lot about the cloud!

He could not have timed his new company any better as the world begins to push towards deglobalization.

InCountry, now operational in 80 countries, allows companies to grow faster by setting up local data residency.

You can listen to the podcast here or head to Spotify or Apple and search my name.

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