Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Yahoo Flying…What it Means…

Dudes…if you are short this market, you have no skills. Please stick to just managing your money :) . If you are long these four together, you are likely 58 years old and wear a three piece suit and have underperformed for 7 years.

Disclosure – This daily post is dedicated to the bears who will point to it yet gain as ‘THE’ Top.


  1. Mark says:

    Hi Howard, Can you provide any advice about trading on margin, or point us in a good direction to findany info on margin trading? Lots of info via Google on the regulations etc. but very little on strategy, timing, etc. Thanks! Markh

  2. Dozier says:

    You may consider creating a paper trading account on margins over on There you can create a profile and trade on margins. They also have well worded tutorials you can read.

  3. Bruce says:

    Howard, wtf is up with IBKR? Make it go up & stay up . Do something. Eat some pie or something.

    Actually, its fine .. but its kinda lame when MSFT goes up 10% on earnings & IBKR down. yeah yeah .. patience, my son

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    that makes you confused but better to be out when confused. also time to learn. nothing wrong with that.

    also…at least you are not short

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