Dell – single digits?

Dell is getting biiitch slapped here in Canada. Check out the company slapping them – The dreaded conglomerate

Does Dell even talk to people in Canada – we are cheap and we love our heroes (especially if they live in the US for some crazy reason – Mike Weir, Steve Nash). Dell is done here.

Dell should merge with Zenith and buy an airline for kicks. Dell Air has a better chance :)

Disclosure – I am neither short (I should be) nor long but would buy Dell-AIR IPO !


  1. Sylvain Perrier says:

    Howard, I can’t agree more with your comments. I’m even inclined to add that the Dell Brand has been over exhausted and that they’ve completely missed the boat on attracting the most lucrative consumer demographic “Gamers”.

    Dell’s new XPS Dimension Gaming Machine is so over priced its rediculous. I mean come on, to upgrade a new Dell’s standard video card to the new NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX / 512MB video card cost over $1,100 USD vs. buying it new at your local Tech. Gear retailer for roughly $600 USD. Has Dell not realized that Gamers love to thinker and build their own boxes “Hello Moding” at half the cost and twice the performance?

    For corporate use, they can’t be beat. I’m mean centralized purchasing and device driver deployment. I love it! But that’s not the new growth area. For example, in Canada 8 out of 10 households already have a computer and 5 out of 10 are looking at buying a second computer for dad or the kids. They’re not going to buy a Dell when a more generic brand will do. Look at MDG it’s about Consumer’s accessing good technology, at a great price, without feeling like some corporation has ripped you off.

    Dude you’re getting an MDG.

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