Dentsply on Wallstrip

Teeth baby. The ultimate boring and painful (for patients) stock play. If you live in the free world, you must deal with them at some point and pay a dentist.

As America ages, there must be a play in this space.

Turns out that age has nothing to do with it. Teeth stocks act like porn stocks would…strong.

For Dentsply, I had the crazy idea (I thought it would just be funny) of getting my teeth looked at by my good friend, and my real dentist, Jim McDonald. Jim took this way too seriously and I am hurting :) . Jim needed no direction. He seemed genuinely excited to inflict pain and I am googling new dentists when I get back from my hockey trip. I really think Jim should be in hollywood after this performance.

Here is the lifetime chart of Dentsply. I can’t believe I have missed this one. I don’t think this stock has seen it’s best days either. It is a good Wallstrip reminder that stocks at all-time highs can make more of them. This one has since going public in 1991 in the boring dental space. They make all the right products and have great margins and distribution. Go to their home page.

Brian does a good job analyzing the technicals if you want to look for potential entry and exit points for a trade.

I am going to add a few shares to my accounts and buy more on weakness and strength. I think this is one of those stocks for the kids.

Disclosure – adding Dentsply


  1. Todd says:

    I bought this stock back in July of 1990 at around $12.25 a share. I think I bought 150 shares. The stock was called Gendex back then and had the same ticker symbol (XRAY.

    It since merged with Danek Group, which was also a high flier in its day. Danek Group subsequently merged with another foreign company before finally merging with Gendex.

    I got stopped out in the Fall bear market of 1990 and thus missed a 30+ bagger.

    Split adjusted, my $1887.50 (incl. commissions) investment would have made me a $53,624.50 gain based on today’s closing price.

    I too think the stock still has more room on the upside as their margins are at or near the highest in the industry.

    I’d also look at Patterson Dental (PDCO).

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