Digging For Broken IPO’s

Everyone loves a hit IPO. A stock they can but day one and never look back. Microsoft, Chipotles, Cisco….

This year had a few big winners, but we also had a good share of dogs (Tilray and anything weed) and shooting stars (Beyond Meat).

Netflix was not a hot IPO when it came public. Facebook was a disaster for months. Etsy fell over 60 percent and Match.com (Tinder) was not an instant hookup with shareholders. Both climbed over 1,000% from their IPO lows.

I was reminded of the idea of checking in on the year’s IPO’s by Compass Capital.

The team at Koyfin built this great interactive IPO page that lists the IPO’s and allows you to sort by all kinds of market performance and financial metrics.

I check it monthly to see what is in and out of favor amongst the glamor money.

This month it is biotech IPO’s and the big winner from the sector is a company called Karuna Therapeutics.

Other than checking the all-time high list (which I do every evening), this IPO list that Koyfin created is a fantastic resource for spending a few minutes each week or month to get a feel for the strength of the market and which sectors may be the ones to watch.