Digital Litter Phenomenon

Om Malik has a great post and links around Facebook’s decision to open up their search so you can find anyone within the system . Obviously the goal is attracting new members and more page views. Om calls them now a ‘quasi White Pages’

Om worries about the erosion of personal privacy. I guess I have nothing to hide, but for young people and for those that don’t think this through, it may cause headaches.

As Om points out, Facebook has a big lead in names and personal info and that will put a huge crimp in venture backed people and reputation based start-ups. That’s just part of the game and had to be a consideration if you are a professional venture capitalist.

For example, do you doubt that Facebook will create their own payment system or do some exclusive deal with PayPal at some point.

Maybe the social world will mirror the personal world and the MOB will get into the digital waste management business. No doubt in my takeaway from this article and Facebook move that the digital/social network cleanup business will be huge. No wonder those stocks have been rocking the last few years .

‘Yo’ Paulie, we gotz to clean up some names today!


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  2. Fly is down dingbat says:

    Howie please short some and do it naked, so I can sell while you cover at $6.. Number one rule in trend trading Howie is never EVER invoke your opinion.. Opinions are like… well you know. Howie the homebuilder bottom shot caller has a lot to learn.

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