Diplomats and Gentlemen

I hit the age where I appreciate diplomats and gentlemen.

We need more of them.

While we were busy building flying cars and connecting everyone (so they could share their political beliefs, gifs and cat pictures), we lost our minds and our way.

Thank goodness for old comedians.

I watched this interview with Dave Chapelle and Jon Stewart and I was thrilled to see how calm and poised they were talking about life, comedy and politics.

Lean back and enjoy. I wish it was longer.

This weekend, Ellen and I were reluctant to watch the new Adam Sandler Netflix comedy special. Most are duds.

Surprise, surprise…it was fantastic. We both laughed out loud a lot!

Despite some filthy material, I came away thinking that Adam would be one hell of a diplomat and he seems like a gentleman. His tribute to Chris Farley was touching and epic. You can watch it here. Go watch the special.

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