Dirty Money and Pharmapalooza

Before I get started this was funny.

Ok onward…

I watched a few episodes of a new Netflix documentary series called Dirty Money with Ellen today.

The Valeant episode was excellent.

Valeant never interested me on the way up. Pharmaceuticals and biotechs are too complicated for me to understand. Wall Street and greedy executives take advantage of these complications.

The whole company was rigged. Wall Street got paid to play along. Here is a chart:

From 2008-2014 CNBC played along as well, covering the industry with the term ‘pharmapalooza’. You can search it. Cheerleading not reporting.

I cheerlead. I root for my positions. It’s also why I generally focus on companies whose products I use everyday and can understand the catalysts for profit and growth.

I think it is important to remember that things can go really wrong when everyone is leaning one way or just looking the other way.

From a check of Google search, CNBC stopped using the term ‘pharmapalooza’ in 2014.

No wonder Amgen and Pfizer are breaking out to highs as we speak.

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