DJO Incorporated on Wallstrip

DJO Incorporated. Could there be a more boring name for a sick growth stock?

Not if you are a trend follower.

DJO has been a homerun for investors. Take a look at their lifetime chart.

So now you are saying it is too late to buy? I can’t advise you on this. I am long a few shares and have been since the low 30’s. The stock has been at an all-time high for the better part of three years. When it first hit an all-time high in 2003, it had climbed 500 percent to get there. Probably seemed too expensive. Ran to far. It promptly doubled.

When it broke out above $30 in late 2005 it must have seemed even more expensive. I am sure it was. Now it sits comfortable above $40 and it is growing fater than ever. The institutions are in love. I will leave it to Lindsay and the crew to explain the DJO story and Brian to get at the technicals in the video below, but let DJO serve as a valuable lesson to keep an eye on all-time highs for he leaders of not just today, but TOMORROW.

Disclosure – Long DJO