Do More FASTER…Accelerating Your Startup

David Cohen and Brad Feld are building a fantastic company helping start-ups with Tech Stars.

I believe speed matters in the world of web start-ups. There is a lot of angel investing happening right now, but acceleration matters to. What if you are idea is successful?

Today, David and Brad have launched a book of lessons around accelerating your start-up.

I have been a mentor at Techstars for three years and am an investor in TechStars Boulder and NYC. I have made additional investments in some of the start-ups including Foodzie, Travelfli, Filtrbox (acquired by Jive) and most recently Adstruc

David and Brad were nice enough to ask me to contribute a chapter which somehow was not cut. It’s about loving what you do. Doing what you love is a gift. I hope everyone gets the chance to do so.

To Preorder the book, click here.