Do Not Wear Pants in Florida 

I spent the weekend golfing in Naples, Florida and had a great time. I played at Calusa Pines which is a top 100 course in the country and very difficult. 

When you bang out 72 holes in a couple days with the same group of guys you end up laughing and betting a lot.  A ridiculous amount of eating took place as well. 

My friend Ryan Spoon was with me and he’s a great photographer. He was having a laugh at how poorly planned my clothing choices were. 

Here I am wearing pants today in 90 degree heat and ridiculous humidity. 

It is amazing what anyone can do with an iPhone but good photographers like Ryan can make it hum. 

Here is Ryan on the left (Brett in the middle who can bangggg a golf ball) :

I would come back to golf and eat in Naples anytime.