Do Wall Street Analysts Matter?

It’s obvious I think it’s a pretty much useless affair, but than again, I am small and I don’t trust anyone on the street. You should not either. You should enjoy reading the people on my blogroll, but do your own work and thinking.

Lately, I have been linking and greatful to some more voices. My friend Phil at EightFatSwine (thinking), Dealbreaker (shits and giggles and irreverance), my friend Ashkan who just has something to say on everything tech – HipMojo – and Henry Blodget at alleyinsider for just plain internet knowledge and knowhow – good writing and reporting too.

Today Henry catches old friend/nemesis? Mary Meeker in a math error . Just $4 plus billion so not a biggie :) .

If you need Mary to analyze Google for you in any way shape or form, you are royally [email protected]!#cked. Google could give a rat’s ass what she thinks and never will. Google is still way in open field with YouTube and all the rest of their developments and product lines. They had to buy YouTube – if only to prevent it falling in other’s hands. It was worth more at $0 in revenue to them than in someone ele’s hand. Now they will monetize the crap out of it. If they don’t, we are all screwed. Further, if they don’t who really cares. The stock will drop to $380, where it was the moment they bought YouTube.

Monetize the crap out of it is all Mary had to say. The numbers she and her seven assistants performed and got wrong just justify her existence and she should do charity work instead.

I will be upgrading my blogroll in depth quite shortly. It’s long overdue for at least my short-list.


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