Do What You Can’t

I love this old YouTube video from Casey Neistat titled ‘Do What You Can’t‘:

Casey is an incredibly popular and talented YouTube creator. I don’t consider myself cool, but I do think it’s cool that he follows me on Twitter.

I was once a YouTube creator way back in 2006.

In 2006, I totally did what I could’nt creating Wallstrip and posting the show on YouTube (and the bazillion other video sharing sites of the era). In 2007, CBS acquired my company/the show (Here is the very first episode in 2006…on Apple of course).

In 2007 and 2008, I parlayed my do what you can’t windfall angel investing in software startups and now we are three funds in at Social Leverage with 100 plus angel investments in our portfolio.

We are paying it forward in the do what you can’t world which is powered by global, mobile and social networks.

YouTube truly ushered in the modern era of do what you can’t and today with Uber, AirBnB, Venmo, Square, AngelList, Robinhood, WeChat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Shopify, Twitter, Etsy and Twilio it has never been a better time to do what you can’t.

I am ridiculously bullish/optimistic on the next generation of creators AND investors because they have these incredible tools, networks and mentors to start and scale their ideas and businesses.

I focus almost all my work time on the onboarding, education and tools for the next generation of investors.

One of my favorite angel investments in our portfolio is AngelList. I remember calling Naval back in 2010 asking him to let my partner Tom and I invest in his company. He said no. We persisted and just sent a check. Naval accepted and AngelList is one of the great investing platforms of the post 2008 crisis investing era.

Robinhood, Etoro and Coinbase are just the tip of the iceberg of additional tools that will empower the next generation.

Today, Naval launched Spearhead (founders backing founders), which is a genius way of empowering and leveraging the next generation of investors. These founders/investors would never be able to raise institutional capital because they have another ‘job’.

The old systems and hierarchies for capital allocation are slowly being torn apart (unless of course you live in Turkey) and it can’t happen soon enough.

In the future I live in, I see a pure investing class. What were once lawyers, CPA’s, bankers and other ‘professionals’ will be more productive and fulfilled as investors.

I wish this on my kids for sure.

PS – I love this post from my pal Barry Ritholtz title ‘Crimes Were Committed‘. I will never not be infuriated at the banks, Obama and his administration for the lack of perp walks and witch hunts. We must teach our kids the language of money, markets and investing to stop these knuckleheads from controlling our money and lives.

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