Does Anyone Own Nuance (NUAN)?

May just be me, but nobody is talking about voice recognition or Nuance in particular.

Another all-time high today and the DOJ is looking friendly on them. They should because they are a speck compared to IBM and Microsoft.

That can’t last. If I was a start-up in the space, and there are lot’s of them , I would want to sell to Nuance over IBM and Microsoft. Less chance of being miserable and now Nuance has capital to pay cash in the space for the right deals. I really believe a juggernaut is in the making.

Or not!


  1. dan says:

    I’m in Nuan, bought in pretty big last Sept around 9 and haven’t looked back. In fact I’m a big believer in the space and the company, so I haven’t really been following the stock day to day. I’m happy to sit tight, even if the stock went back to 10, because I believe as you said this is a juggernaut in the making in a really important space. Of course I’m pretty happy about the new highs as well.

  2. maximo says:

    Excellent point Howard. I bought it last Friday. I’ve doing a lot of research on the field lately. My wife Danja knows them well from her previous life in voice recognition and they have been busy buying.

  3. mrkcbill says:

    I owned it in 2004 when it was Scan Soft at like $4– naturally I sold it after a few points. Idiot!

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