Doing What I Love…Not Sure It Is Work…StockTwits!!!

I love what I do. I didn’t always.

In my early hedge fund days I stared at the screen. By market close I had knots in my stomach and than I had to actually do work. I yelled ALL the time.

I took control of the way I manage money in 2004 and just gave up the trading. I love it more than ever now, but can just watch the action and not trade every move. I can walk away for weeks like I am now. The markets are about opportunity and you need to be healthy, capitalized and always in the game (just not playing). When the money flows and you are in position, it freaking flows. Go read my blog posts in 2005 and 2006. It only takes ONE opportunity to change your life. Be ready for it.

I have been lucky enough to catch the stock market meets Web 2.0 time crossing and it has been good to me. Wallstrip was such a labor of love and passion, but geez it was work. Hardest work I have ever done in terms of hours logged on a business/day. Wallstrip was the most satisfying experience of my business career (having an exit makes it easier to say so). It was so intense that it was hard to enjoy. Lindsay, Adam, Jeff, Labes and Roman were such pro’s that it was definitely fun to work every day, but making content is not something I recommend to friends.

When Soren promised to develop Stocktwits off some ideas we were exchanging last year I said go for it and I will partner. You do all the work :) and I will do the networking and flag waving. So far so good. Today StockTwits closed a second angel round that gives the Company more than enough runway to execute on some great business ideas that are ready to roll.

Some great posts from the investors (of which I am a large one) so no need for me to rehash here. Here is Venture Beat , Betaworks and Roger Ehrenberg .

It’s fun to have so many friends from my Social Network and StockTwits network participate in the round, but it does not guarantee success. Lot’s of hard work ahead, but a great team and a solid foundation are key ingredients in getting to the end zone. A first success was getting the Bloomberg team to pull some of our feeds. We are excited about bringing fresh voices to the forefront. Bloomberg is THE leader.

We are in no rush with Stocktwits and we plan on enjoying the community and the ultimate ride this time. Keep sending the ideas. It is a blast to see all your involvement.