Domino’s The True Netflix and Chill Winner

Have a look at the stock chart of Domino’s since 2008:

I think it is the top, if not top 5, performing stocks over this period.

For a moment starting in 2018, it looked like Domino’s would have some strong competition for the ‘Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, ESPN, Cord Cut and Chill Generation, from the other fast food giants as GrubHub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Doordash etc…subsidized customer menu selection with free food delivery.

Why get Domino’s every time when you could get a Big Mac, a burrito or some KFC with the same click of a button?

Times may be changing.

GrubHub’s stock is in perpetual free fall, Postmates may never get public or profitable and Domino’s keeps improving their mobile experience, marketing and product (I don’t know because it has been years since I ordered one).

Like Apple in hardware/software, Domino’s controls every aspect of the pizza making and delivery experience and now the stock is back staring at all-time highs.

I’m kicking myself for not considering it/owing it when it fell 30 percent over the summer.

Domino’s is definitely an 8-80 brand.