Donald Trump, The Market, Jeff Bezos and the Machines

I watched Fox News for 30 minutes yesterday to catch the beginning of the puff piece that Sean Hannity offered up Trump. Two of the most unwatchable and grey made up people I have ever seen talking over each other with nothing said (I don’t watch MSNBC or NBC or CNN or pay for the NY Times so put a lid on your troll trigger fingers on the right).

What always freaks me out about Trump is he can’t even handle softball questions.

The market on the other hand is dealing with a bazillion tough questions each minute and I continue to trust it a lot more. Of course as I age, get cranky and the machines take over more and more of the day to day of the markets, I have begun to trust it less.

One thing for sure is that the machines love Donald Trump. No machines will lose their jobs because of Donald. The machines are battling bots to trade around his tweets for god’s sake.

The machine that is Amazon will only accelerate under the negligent eyes of the Trump administration.

Silicon Valley and Seattle can afford to pay the lawyers to battle for them. California will be fine.

Furthermore, once California leaves the union, my Phoenix property will skyrocket…until we too build a wall between Arizona and California.

But I digress.

I saw today how the Nasdaq and S&P continue to make new highs while retailers continue to plummet. The retailers were mostly a disaster before Trump won in November.

The trend has just accelerated since November 9th – see for yourself:

Today after the full blown Mexico wall/word war we saw the retailers gap lower on fears of cost of good sold increases. Jeff Bezos is smiling that crazy smile.

While the bull market in stocks continues, I doubt the machines are worried and the jobs destroyed in retail will not come back under any Presidential decree.

God forbid Trump chokes on a Chipotles Burrito or Kentucky Fried Chicken bone and America will be closed for business.

It feels that shaky to me as a human but my money is on the machines.

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