Donald Trump (TRMP) on Wallstrip…Introducing All-Time LOWS

TRUMP has earned one thing from Wallstrip…First show in our All-Time Low format . Let’s see if Trump can turn this into a positive.

I am sure ‘The Donald’ is smart. I mean he has his own freaking University . He is even on CNBC all the time now. Or maybe:

It helps to be born rich.

It helps to be shameless.

It also helps to owe the banks so much money that your demise hurts too much. Like I said he is smart…or smarter than the bankers.

Add it all up and you get Donald Trump. Master author, and now offering Master’s degrees in real estate.

He is a busy guy. Busy destroying shareholder value. He pisses on the same people who praise him. Today, comic Jeff Kreisler penned our first all-time low show. Jeff writes a daily ‘Funny Money ‘ column over at

I have been badmouthing Trump, the CEO and author, and Trump (TRMP) the stock forever . Rightly so. He shat on shareholders in the past as well with his last casino/real estate public fiasco DJT. The Fly is with me on this one as well . Trump defines the term ‘asshat’. If you own the stock, consider yourself an ‘asshat’ follower. If you are short the stock, you are on to something :) ….the anti ‘asshat’.

Brian piles on the Trump is done train:

I suspect this will be a reorganization soon. I am hoping he reorgs his forehead and hair as well.

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  1. Bruce says:

    you are knocking THE DONALD, an American Icon, Institution …. he epitomizes this countrys’ dreams, hopes, aspirations and how to get it on no money down … & never pay it back

  2. bocagirl says:

    Great Wallstrip show LOL.

    Trump is the anti-Chuck Norris and should have Asshat tattooed on his forehead.

    I could be a Boca Bitch and gossip about him but …. he’s such an easy target. He’s building a giant condo development on the beach a couple blocks from here, looks like it will be finished just in time to hit the bottom of the real estate market.

    And what’s living in his hair, a pet mouse?

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