Doogle – Jimmy Fallon should be ashamed – Putz!

I love watching Letterman. House is quiet, generally funny, ambien about to kick in….

Than, I have to hear Jimmy Fallon – whose careeer died like 100 years ago, talk about his new crap movie Doogle. Am I missing something. How many chances and how much money do bad actors and comedians get to have and spend?

I am assuming that the movie sucks and I am sure that is a KIND review. The guy is too freakin’ lazy to come up with a title – just rides off the greatest brand of the modern century (I could write 500 in a week). Can you imagine how uncreative and unfunny this movie is.

I have no idea what his name was other than he was once on Saturday Night Live – so I GOOGLED, not Doogled – “David Lettermen guests”. With a few more clicks (more time than he spent putting the movie together).

No wonder the media companies other than Yahoo and Google – suck.