Dot Com Crash?

Talk about a bummer post :) .

It is important to separate permabears from actual people on the field of the entrepreneurial web. It is also important to note that if you turn bearish today, which I am starting to lean as I get stopped out of some stocks, it counts more than those that turned bearish at Google’s IPO, Baidu at $100, First Solar at $80 and Apple at $80.

I think Greg is right about this for sure. How it plays out is speculation though:

It is a dire scenario, but one that looks much like what we saw after 2000. That was a much smaller crash without the fuel from broader problems in the US economy, but we still had investment capital shut off for a few years, most startups shut down, and the remaining startups shift business models. We also saw a dramatic rise in pop-up advertising and spyware.

Greg has lived through the first bubble at Amazon .


  1. Nick O'Neill says:

    Hey Howard,

    It’s hard not to be bearish when the Dow has the worst first 3 days of the year since 1932. I always try to find a bright side to everything though.


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