Doubling Down is Generally for Dummies…

We all do it. Mostly lazy and backwards thinking and if we continue to do it, we will eventually implode.

Carl Icahn is reeling in losses from his purchase of a bazillion shares of Yahoo in the mid 20’s this summer.

He is now supposedly ratcheting up his trade as the stock trades at $10. It is getting mucho press because of how old and deshevilled he has become and the rather large sums at stake. If he wins on this trade, he is just lucky and quite possibly has inside information from that sweatball of a human being, Steve Ballmer. Yahoo has the traffic but has no stick for the valuation it carries. Maybe in the next web iteration, traffic won’t mean as much. Influence and the new ad models will be more the focus and a fat pipe to glancing eyeballs trained to focus on the content and not the ad will just mean zilch.

I too bought some shares at $20 like a putz but took my losses at $17 and change when the market started giving way.

I do believe that Yahoo is worth more than $10, but I don’t believe that the current group of people know how to get it to a sticky $20.

I do believe that if Yahoo makes enough cuts, the business could turn, but what about growth?

In a shitty tape, doubling down on the losers is just dumb, no matter how rich or how much information you have. Good luck old man.

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