DOW 12,000 and Climbing…OY – What a market for playing breakouts!

If your strategy is buying strength, this market is for you.

The shorts just can’t buy a selloff.

They will get one for sure, but after maximum pain is inflicted.

One of the funny digs so far of Wallstrip is that the strategy won’t make you money. Please.

Buying strength, even all-time highs is a fine strategy. In a strong market like we are enjoying, 99 percent of strategies make money. I believe that our show will spotlight tremendous future winners, despite the strength and success they have already enjoyed. One of the reasons the startegy works so well is that investors hate buying strength, they feel comfortable buying weakness. That is a perfect backdrop for this strategy to continue to perform into the future.

The goal of this or any good strategy is in it’s simplicity. The difficulty lies in money management. Managing your winners and losers so that the profits from your winners far exceeds the losses from your losers.

Since we launched Wallstrip , we have spotlighted winning stocks. The stocks have all risen, some a great deal. The market is strong – so I am not suprised. What should you do?

There is no perfect answer to managing your money, but Brian Shanon offers a great video on the conversation page that discusses just such issues.

This is the true goal of the show and my catalyst posts and the conversation:

1. Offer a simple strategy.

2. Offer opposing opinions and conversations about ONE Company and it’s STOCK a day that fits the strategy.

3. Offer follow-up and money management ideas to manage the winners and losers within the strategy.

The market will turn and get ugly. Count on it. Winners, that look like they will never go down again, fall faster than they rise. Focus on money management and you will be able to enjoy investing AND be entertained by our show.


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