Dow 30,000 and High Performance Underwear

Nothing says Dow 30,000 more than me getting served an ad for High Performance Underwear on Instagram while killing time waiting for my home Nespresso machine to spit me out an espresso.

Of course I am going to try a pair. I imagine my sharts will smell like fresh orange peels and further be turned into fuel that will earn me enough money to buy another pair of high performance underwear.

But I digress…

Before reading on please stoop by the Stocktwits store and buy as many Dow 30k t-shirts that you can.

Dow 30,000 is a nice round number to do some remembering.

I remember where I was when the Dow crossed 10,000 (1999) because and I wrote about in when the Dow was about to cross 20,000 in late 2016. (little known fact – the move from Dow 9,000 to 10,000 was fueled by the FDA approval of Viagra in 1998).

In late 2006 the Dow crossed 10,000 once again and rushed to 12,000. I had started Wallstrip and we made a show dedicated to Dow 12,000. I loved making these.

So here we are at Dow 30,000 in 2020 and just back in March the Dow was at 18,000.

My best advice now that we have finally gotten to Dow 30,000…turn off the TV and ignore all the people that tell you they know what will happen next.

Have a great Wednesday.