Dow 30,000 and Chill…Please Sell Something Just in Case

No need to worry…The Dow is headed straight to 30,000.

$DIA $SPY $QQQ Barron's Cover Curse????? Get your puts!

— C T 15 (@CT15) Jan. 28 at 01:45 PM

The fine print says this will happen in the year 2025 which would mean 5 percent returns a year going forward.

I have good friends, smart friends, who read this. I can’t.

This is a yuuuuge week for earnings with Apple, Amazon and Facebook to report and Trump will be in full tweet mode. If the markets finish within 3 percent of last Friday’s close I will be surprised. It just feels like this is the week for some volatility in the markets, not just from President Steve Bannon and his minions.

Have a great week.

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