Dr. Phil…Pearlman

My buddy Phil Pearlman is a gem.

We met on Fred Wilson’s comment threads back in 2006 and forget the time we actually met in person. He has introduced me to some great investing talent. He himself was managing a hedge fund when we met. One of my favorite macro thinkers/investors is Gregor Macdonald and Phil was hanging out with him on the Yahoo Finance $AMZN message board back in 1999. That’s old school.

I might have pitched Phil first on Stocktwits. He was in. He wrote a check and wanted to come work for scraps.

Way back, Dr. Phil earned a doctorate in clinical psychology. He is likely the most qualified person in the world when you mesh up education, street smarts, work experience and web community knowledge. There is no one more fair than Phil. If you have pissed him off to the point of a block and the Stocktwits ‘ban’, you have indeed earned it. You don’t know how to BEHAVE.

Phil and I took a huge amount of time creating the Stocktwits ‘House Rules‘. We believe EVERY community needs some rules.

As a friend he is superb. I am blessed to have a bunch of great friends but not many I can work with, scream at, be screamed at, share laughs, work long hours, and trust blindly. When Phil cringes at something I say, I know I have stepped over the line. Luckily that is less and less as Phil has taught me a ton about behavior.

Every startup and great Company has unsung heroes. Phil is definitely one of ours.


  1. Greg Cunningham says:

    Yeah, that guy has personality and intellect that goes to 11 yet humble, and it conveys instantly in his writing. Amazing guy.

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