Dragging My Feet

Yesterday was tough.

I was peaking with a cold/flu and my first meeting started at 7 am.

I imagine the flights and the sudden change of weather from Israel to New York did me in.

My friend Doug pushed and pulled me along for a full day of meetings that ended with a great dinner with friends.

This morning my head is pounding so I will grind out the few last meetings and head to the airport and get back to Phoenix.

I look forward to getting off the road through the end of the year and doing a lot of family time.

When I left Israel, the markets were hitting all-tine highs and as I leave New York, the S&P is doing the same.

This week I spoke to so many market participants including hedge funds, hedge fund allocators, portfolio managers, startup founders and venture capitalists. I also had the Stocktwits board meeting.

I have a lot to digest this weekend, but there are some big shifts at hand set off by WeWork, the failing Uber, Slack, LYFT IPO’s, Disney+, the bear market in weed, the breakouts in biotech, the rotation into value stocks and the battle between Microsoft and Apple for most valuable company.

Have a great Friday.