Dude…Get Long!?

Don’t get mad at prices…it won’t make you money.

Steel, Logistics (transportation without the hard assets – check out Landstar – LSTR), basic chemicals, agriculture, oil and Gas, Priceline, Mastercard, Biotech and Medical…Maybe the averages mark some time in the volatility, but many stocks are poised to go higher.

Eric from Blackstar sent a list of his buys over last night as well:


Brian charts up the semiconductor index . I don’t think much of semiconductors…but I like Brian :) .

Have you seen the piggy homebuilders lately? You should as they have been jiggy (like the rhymes?). Some have tripled from their lows. That’s not just a bounce at this point or just short covering, it’s confidence from institutions that there WILL be survivors. It’s not an all-clear signal that the housing crisis is over mind you.

I do find it funny that when Meritage (MTH) was at $90, the local AZ papers were not discussing the possibility that the boom could end. Now, the paper just talks about the death of Arizona real estate. That’s good by the way for investors at least.

I am putting my positive cap on to find 5-10 stocks for my account – not more triple inverse ETF’s. I can’t live on Apple, Neogen, First Solar, Gold and Oil forever.