Dudes…Everyone in the Stock Pool!

Too easy, but it could always get easier :) .

Been surfing the all-time high list for some new and old ideas to replace my recent partial sells.

Really want to own more solar and smart alternative stocks. My only two stocks in that space – Ormat (ORA) and First Solar (FSLR) have just been on fire. Not interested in Toyota. Other solar stocks that are in the all-time high stratosphere are JASO, WFR and STP. All the solar stocks report in November. I just can’t bring myself to chase right now. So, what else?

Tomorrow Coinstar (CSTR) reports. Ready to buy more higher if I have to.

Today Blackboard (BBBB) really busted out. I am long and sticking with this leader in the education space. Lot’s of my smart friends say it sucks, but they own the space for now. Here was the Wallstrip :

I am considering more gold and silver stocks as even Newmont Mining, the dog stock of the industry is getting some mojo. My GLD, GOLD, SLW and PAAS seem like the most likely adds and they have been great performers. If it ain’t broke…

I am also looking to add some more medical and biotech in the next few days. Choosing from Medtronic (which is a dog, but at 20 percent off all-time highs looks interesting to me always), Arthrocare (ARTC – joints) and/or Smith and Nephew (SNN – not the gun dudes) and Stryker (SYK).

May just buy them all as a basket.

Finally, Boca Girl brought CPHD to my attention. She is telling me that their diagnostic test for STAPH infections is huge. Judging from the stock’s strength, I believe her :) .

Good times. I am fired up and wasted on sweet tarts right now.

Long Halloween.


  1. Dogwood says:

    My wife and I worked in private education for many years and we can confirm that Blackboard products suck. Every department at the school that converted to Blackboard’s system hated the end result.

    In many ways they are a lot like Microsoft. Their products suck and are not user friendly, but they have a critical mass of installed software, so the money continues to flow into the company coffers.

    The educational market would benefit greatly from an innovative company with user-friendly products, ala Apple.

  2. Ross says:

    How about Vestas Wind Systems for a smart alternative energy stock. The ADR trades on the pinks…VWDRY.PK

    Double long Halloween.

  3. bocagirl says:

    Thanks for the shout out Howard :D

    Somehow after today I will always associate Ben Bernanke and Halloween. Happy Halloween to all.

  4. Eric says:

    In reference to Dogwood, Blackboard does suck. I know first hand, but its everywhere and growing. More and more of my friends tell me how their school’s are moving to Blackboard. I wish Google would jump into this space.

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