Dudes…Everyone Out of the Stock Pool!

Investors are acting like someone just peed in the pool.

It seems like just yesterday (because it was), that I wrote…‘Dudes…Everyone in the Stock Pool!’.

Here are my toughts after today…

1. If you are going to take the DOW down 400 points can you at least get Baidu negative.

2. When the Dow goes down 200 points and it’s sunny outside, I will drop everything and go play nine holes. Did today. Sorry for hanging up on you today John as we ticked down 200, but rules are rules. Check the Dow before you call me :) .

3. If you write about Google kicking Facebook’s ass the day after they launch a product, you suck balls and are just looking for links. See Google checkout, Google Finance, Google this Google that yada yada yada. Only Facebook can kick Facebook’s ass.

4. Same goes for the Gphone. Only Apple can lose this battle. No one can beat them head to head. Not a bad article by Time which sums it up .

5. If you still own satellite radio stocks…and shut your holes, many of you do…you should not be allowed to invest. I believe it goes to zero and you have had a few months reprieve. Now the selling has continued again. Sayonara. I have no position, just believe that these are the Donlad Trump stocks of technology. That said, I own the most retarded going to zero stock in the world LGBT. Mine may be going to zero even faster.

6. The last time the Dow was down 400 points, Apple was at $113. Today it’s at $185. Citibank though is much lower. If you focus on strength, you don’t have these problems and will sleep o.k. tonight.

I want a shakeout already. It will help the good stocks truly show themselves. I want some fresh leadership. Makes things easier long-term.


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