Dude…The US Dollar is Imploding!

This is an oldie but my favorite and most right on Naked Putz:

The weak dollar is not the longest running trend that has stayed intact since I started this blog. It has been extremely good to me, but the world is downright pissed about it.

These posts from early 2006 are still very relevant even after massive gains in gold and foreign currencies. If you had used Canadian dollars to buy global stocks in March 2006 when I was doing it and recommending it , you have fared quite nicely as a US citizen.

When bankers continue to print stock, be it Telecom, or Homebuilders, you get a crash. Well, the governement has been inflating forever here in the US for a myriad of reasons. The biggest reason is that we are crybabies in the US and can’t stomach another Crash. With the Euro’s close near $1.50, I am very concerned about a panic. I can’t get myself to own a currency of that god forsaken land mass. I will stick with Canadian dollars and hard assets. Working fine thank-you.

Until we get serious policy change here in the US, the trend could just accelerate. Or not :) .

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