Eastman Kodak …a Steal at 9 Cents? or is it Facebook that is a Steal

I don’t think Eastman Kodak is a steal at 9 cents, but Instagram was a steal at $1 billion. Someone will try to save Eastman Kodak but why. I remember begging the Polaroid team (I am an investor in the bankruptcy buyout through a private Equity fund) to partner, invest, sue (yes that logo was too much like Polaroid’s and was a free ride logo) in 2010. They wanted to know how Instagram would make money….UGH!

In 10 years the $FB/Instagram acquisition may be one of the great acquisitions of all time, much like Google and YouTube.

My son loves Twitter’s Vine and I trust my son’s instincts for mobile products as a mobile/web native, but Instagram is still in the drivers seat.

Yet today, an old client of mine hit me up with the Eastman Kodak question. I posed it to Stocktwits and Twitter. My favorite answer was to try and sell my client some land in Detroit!

First of all, I was not even aware Kodak was still trading until I got the email. My main worry about Kodak is the asshat executives that have been forced out into Corporate America to wreck other companies.

Few saw this revolution coming, and fewer see how it will evolve over the next 10 years. It would be nice to see Eastman Kodak be part of it, but does anyone under 30 care? I doubt it.

It’s a reminder once again that cheap become cheaper most of the time and expensive gets more expensive for longer than most can fathom or or short sellers afford.