Ebay is turning…

I feel it.

It goes against all I preach about trend following so please don’t listen to me. I have not bought much but I do believe. I am on the trigger for more on any hint of GOOD news.

It is starting to decouple from Yahoo’s mess – my opinion.

Skype is really only an upside wild card at this point as the price they paid has been shed multiple times since the acquisition.

In the meantime, the market and tape continue their bullish tones. I have only looked at random closing stock prices and all-time highs. I have not seen CNBC or a newspaper in 4 days, but I have never felt more in tune with the market for what it’s worth. Not much hard data to back that up :) . Sorry.

PS – Is Warren Buffet hiding cash in the cars he is selling on Ebay?