Egg's on Wallstrip…Cal-Maine Foods (CALM)

No doubt we like our food groups on Wallstrip. First we covered PORK on Wallstrip (Standard Farms was subsequently bought out). Than Milk (Lifeway Foods). That mixture of shows killed our rabbi audience.

Now we go with Eggs .

Personally, I only like my eggs with a wicked croissant from the French joint downstairs at my office, or with copious amounts of crisp bacon. Let’s just say that I make this happen often. I have the cholesterol and Lipitor dosage to prove it.

This stock has been anything but CALM as the symbol spells out. It has been a wild ride up down and now back up since 2003.

The stock managed to explode out to all-time highs back in August but with the recent market selloff is back to it’s breakout point. Is it a buy?

On the one hand, organic and ‘free-range’ may be here and growing for the longhaul this time. Check out young Huevos on todays show for the numbers. On the negative side, as Brian aptly points out, this stock has imploded before.

I think there is a good risk/reward entry here with a stop below $20. Since I look at stocks as innocent until proven guilty, the strong uptrend is still intact.

Americans love their eggs and the strength of Cal-Maine is proof. No wonder we have a cholesterol epidemic.

Disclosure- No Positions, but a 400 plus count on my cholesterol.


  1. Jon says:

    “First we covered PORK…Than Milk. That mixture of shows killed our rabbi audience.”

    Hahahahha what a line.

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