Electronic Arts – Game on!

I am not a gamer.

I have never owned Electronic Arts. No good reason. Big Woops (mistake) on my part.

Like any great growth stock, the ride has not been perfectly smooth, BUT – what a ride.

Our show today at Wallstrip focuses on the gamers and “Madden” football. An amazing brand within a brand for sure.

I have avoided gaming stocks mainly because they seem like Hollywood entertainment companies and am always worried about seasonal sales and a big bad gaming miss. I think things are a little different now that the industry is as stable as ever, you have global gamers and you have a GIANT resale and exchange market at the game retailers like Gamestop.

I may just buy a few shares if Electronic Arts pushes past $60 to an all-time high. NOTE – Activision is trading very close to all-time highs as well. Hmmmm.

Speaking of Madden, I was watching Letterman the other night and was crying at Frank Caliendo doing impersonations. Thanks YouTube for making the search simple. The perfect Madden impersonation:

PS – The first kid in the McDonald’s commercial after today’s Electronic Arts show looks exactly like a Young Tiger Woods. Freaky!


  1. Adam Elend says:

    The new Grazr widget you have in your sidebar is a nice example of how RSS is becoming a background technology – which means that anti-RSSers like yourself will start to use it more and more.


  2. Mike says:

    My son is a big gamer. Afew years ago I asked him to tell me which games he liked best and what company made them. He now owns a nice portfolio of gaming stocks.

  3. Mr Angry says:

    On a completely unrelated note – have you seen the Kramer you’re long on losing it? Whoops!

    I think EA’s biggest risk is the way they treat their staff – try looking up “EA Widow” for some backgorund. I think they settled those issues with a multi-million dollar payout bit I’d say it’s a risk for their future.

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