Elon Musk is the Mayor of Shortville…and This Shnook Caught a Snook

I had one more morning in Naples, so I woke up early and tried to catch a few fish.

I saw a lot of expensive homes and caught a few snooks (this shnook caught a snook):

Speaking of shnooks, the shortsellers in Tesla are being run over.

Today, Elon Musk threw gasoline on the ‘sad’ people that are short Tesla with this tweet:

Stormy weather in Shortville…

I don’t think Elon was talking about the actual town of Shortville which was indeed having bad weather today:

1SimpleTrader shared a chart on StockTwits

Elon is one of the great founders of all time, has insane vision, natural marketing skills and a strong Twitter game.

Today their market cap surpassed Ford’s. Just a few months ago I felt the $40 billion market was cheap.

Teens think their brand is as cool as BMW who have been building cool cars since 1916.

Life is coming at the shnooks and shortsellers really fast right now and Shortville sounds like a miserable place to live.

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